Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting for new Concept

Thank you for your interest in BMW X8. Unfortunately, even the international BMW website doesn`t have news about this model.

Image tags: bmwx8, vmw x8, gmw x8, hmw x8, nmw x8.

We are waiting for the new BMW X8. It will be the most innovative concept vehicle we've seen in ages. I think the BMW X8 stands out with some great styling, better than X5, X6 (M) SUVs.


  1. I saw this car twice in the Sparks, MD area. However; I'm unable to find anything on the internet. The car front was just like the photo shown here. (Sep 19, 2009).

  2. From where are you getting your info on the BMW X8? I am convinced I saw one here in Salt Lake City, UT but I, like the other person who left a comment, am unable to find any further info about the car on the web. Thanks!